The Bonehead Podcast - All Things Blood Bowl

The Bonehead Podcast #21 - Bonehead Bowl Review and Matched Play Leagues

July 13, 2019

Welcome Back, Boneheads!

On Episode 21 of The Bonehead Podcast we are joined by local players Milton and Ben (from Episode 16 fame) to review Bonehead Bowl, we also discuss Matched Play Blood Bowl Leagues, and the usual News, Hobby, and Star Players.

Kickstarter Mentions:

Dwarf Team - Yedharo

Tournaments Mentioned:

Sewer Bowl Sevens (10/8/19)

Miniatures Mentioned:

Winzor Chog Miniatures

RN Estudio - Victor

Segment Reference:

News - 00:03:00

Hobby - 00:18:40

Bonehead Bowl Review - 00:33:20

Matched Play Leagues - 01:30:50

Star Player: Boomer Eziasson  - 01:55:10

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