The Bonehead Podcast - All Things Blood Bowl

The Bonehead Podcast #22 - Bonehead Basics Wood Elves and Wood Elf Inducements

August 3, 2019

Welcome Back, Boneheads!

On Episode 22 of The Bonehead Podcast we talk Bonehead Basics Wood Elves, Wood Elf Spike Magazine and Inducements, and the usual News, Hobby, and Star Players.

Kickstarter / Pre-order Mentions:

Chaos Halflings - Apocalypse Miniatures

Golden Wings High Elves - Generic Miniatures

Gutrot Greenskins - War World Gaming

Tournaments Mentioned:

Sewer Bowl Sevens (10/8/19)

Miniatures Mentioned:

Winzor Chog Miniatures

Segment Reference:

News - 00:01:30

Hobby - 00:12:30

Bonehead Basics Wood Elves - 00:24:30

Wood Elf Spike and Inducements - 00:47:30

Star Player: Will-O the Wisp  - 01:14:50

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