The Bonehead Podcast - All Things Blood Bowl

The Bonehead Podcast #25 - Specialist Tournaments and Why We All Love Blood Bowl

September 21, 2019

Welcome Back Boneheads,

On Episode 25 of the Bonehead Podcast we are joined by honorary Bonehead Rob to talk about Specialist Tournaments, Why We All Love Blood Bowl, and the usual News, Hobby, and Star Players.

Kickstarter / Miniature Mentions.

RNE Studio Resin Teams

Chaos Factory Accessories

Tournament Mentions.

North Wales Carnage Cup

Tombstone Tournament

Segment Reference:

News - 00:01:10

Hobby - 00:13:20

Specialist Tournaments - 00:29:00

Why We All Love Blood Bowl - 00:54:00

Star Player: Skitter Stab-Stab  - 01:13:10


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