The Bonehead Podcast - All Things Blood Bowl

The Bonehead Podcast #50 - Snotlings Snotlings Snotlings!! (Spike Discussion & Snotling Rosters)

September 5, 2020

Welcome Back, #BloodBowl Fans!

On episode 50 of the Bonehead Podcast is the #Snotling Special! We’re talking about the Spike & Team, running them in BB16 *and* BB2020, along with the usual News and Hobby!





Norba Bretonnian Team: 5th September. 


FITE Amazons 


Myth Bowl RNEstudio 


Ogre Hio FUMBBL Tournament 




Segment Reference:

News - 00:02:50

Hobby - 00:35:50

Spike 10 Review - 00:47:20

Snotling Team (BB2016)  - 01:29:40

Snotling Team (BB2020) - 01:42:30

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